Gold Team
ELITE Competition Team
Our Gold Team is our most competitive team of athletes! To enter in this elite group you have to place within the top 5 at a National Level competition. As challenging as that is our Gold Team continues to grow year after year, which is why we say at Franklin Elite ‘we build champions!’

Carmen Alder

Age: 18
Carmen is known as the OG on the team and has been the pioneer for winning at the state (multi-time NC state champion in both XC and track), National (USATF JO) and International levels (Multi-Event Winner at the South American Junior Track Championships. She was heavily recruited to run at college and was picked up by a
National Championship Team, BYU. She starts her collegiate career this fall!

Personal Bests:
Mile - 4:43
1600M - 4:40
3200M - 10:07

Vanessa Alder

Age: 15 
Vanessa is very friendly and encouraging to her fellow teammates, but when it comes  time to get series Vanessa can be extremely tough. She will crank through a challenging  workout or race with serious determination. An extremely competitive athlete, when she  steps on the track look out. She is out to win. Vanessa recently had a 2nd place and a 3rd place finish at the USATF JO Track Nationals in the 1500 Meter and 3000 Meter Races respectively. 

Personal Bests:  
800M - 2:18 
1500M - 4:38 
Mile - 4:59 
3200M - 10:52

Lily Alder

Age: 13 
Lily is fast, and always on top of her stuff. She keeps her water bottle full of ice, and hair  swept up in a tight ponytail. As one of the socialites on the team, she always knows  what is going on. As an athlete she has tremendous speed and to include top 3 finishes  at National Competitions under her belt. She trains hard and her results are evident on  the track! 

Personal Bests: 
1500M - 5:10 
Mile - 5:27 
3200M - 12:19

Angelina Alder

Angie is Franklin Elite’s youngest athlete but don’t underestimate her. Fearless and  tough, Angelina is a multi-time national champion both in Track and Cross Country and  when it comes to races she is true to her nick name “All Business.” 

Personal Bests:  
400M - 1:52
800M - 3:16 
1500M - 5:58 

Ava Flaherty

Age: 17 
Ava is a quiet calm presence on the Franklin Elite Team. Always ready with a laugh and smile Ava can be spotted by her trademark knee high compression socks and always impeccably manicured nails. She is also the owner of a tortoise and of an adorable Pomeranian. Ava is always a voice of encouragement during workouts and is an extremely dedicated runner within Franklin Elite. Whether its an 8-mile long run or 800m repeats or even a 3-mile Tempo run you can always count on Ava to push herself to do better. Her dedication makes her a valued member of the team!

Personal Bests:  
1500M - 5:07
3200M - 11:41 
1600M - 5:27 
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