Kettlebell Training – 18 to 23 May

Kettlebell Workout 1:

(Do This Workout With a 16, 20 or 24KG KB)

10x 10 Double Arm Swings + 10 Push-Ups

Finish this workout with a set of 2x 25 Single Arm Swings (Start with your right arm and then left.  Also, every third rep do a rack squat)


Kettlebell Workout 2:

(Do This Workout With a 16, 20 or 24KG Kettlebell)

3 Sets of 5 Double Arm Swings, 5 Medicine Ball Thrusters, 10 Double Arm Swings, 10 Medicine Ball Thrusters, 15 Double Arm Swings, 15 Medicine Ball Thrusters, 20 Double Arm Swings, 20 Medicine Ball Thrusters, 25 Double Arm Swings, 25 Medicine Ball Thrusters


Kettlebell Workout 3:

(Use a 16, 20, or 24KG Kettlebell)

10 Sets of 5 Single Arm Swings, 3 Cleans, 2 Snatches (Do right arm then left for 1 set)

5 Min. Snatch Test (Do this with a 16KG Kettlebell)


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