Kettlebell Training – 20 to 25 April

Kettlebell Workout 1:

(Do This Workout With a 16, 20 or 24KG KB)

Do 10 Sets of:

20 Double Arm Swings (With every 3rd rep switch from Double Arm to Single Arm alternating arms…so it would look like this: Do 2 Double Arm Swings, then a right arm Single Arm Swing, do 2 more Double Arm reps and then do a left-arm Single Arm swing etc.)

Kettlebell Workout 2:

10x Sets of:

10 Single Arm Swings (Either alternate arms every other set or do 5 reps right arm and 5 reps left)

10x Push-Ups (Hand Release Style)

Kettlebell Workout 3:

Do as many Snatches as you can in 10 Min. and record your score

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