Kettlebell Training 27 January – 01 February

Workout 1:

Swing and a Press (Use your heaviest kettlebell)

5x 10 Double Arm Swings + 1x Press Left/Right


Workout 2:

Kettlebell Circuit (Put 3x Kettlebells in a row and go lightest to heaviest)…perform the required exercise for the set with each kettlebell

1st Set (10x Double Arm Swings)

2nd Set (5x Clean Left/Right)

3rd Set (5x Press Left /Right)

4th Set (5x Rack Squat Left/Right)

5th Set (5x Snatch Left/Right)


Workout 3:

30 Min. of Snatches (Use a 16KG or 20 KG KB)

Perform 5 reps at the top of each minute…alternate left/right every other minute



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