Training For 02 – 07 March (Speed Week)

Mon:  10 Min. W/U, 2x 4x 60 Second Repeats @ 800 Meter Pace W/1 Min. Rest In Between Each Rep and 2 Min. Recovery In Between Each Set, 20 Min. Cool Down

Tue:  3 to 5 Miles Easy Run

Wed:  3 to 5 Miles Progressive Run (Last 10 Min. @ Comfortably Hard Pace)

Thu:  10 Min. W/U, 3x 3 Lap Drills (1st Lap @ 5K Race Pace, 2nd Lap @ Mile Race Pace, 3rd Lap @ 5K Race Pace) W/3 Min. Rest, 20 Min. Cool Down

Fri:  30 Min. Easy Run W/10x 100 Meter Strides

Sat:  Long Run

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