Training For 17 – 22 December (Speed Week)

Competition Group:

Mon: 10 Min. W/U, 8x 150 Meter In-N-Outs (Gradually accelerate over the 1st 50 meters, run 800 meter pace ‘estimated’ over the 2nd 50 meters and then cruise the last 50 meters. Jog slowly back to the start and focus on good form), 20 Min. Cool Down

Tue: 3 to 5 Miles Easy Run

Wed: 10 Min. W/U, 8x 300 Meter Repeats (@ 800 – Mile Race Pace) W/300 Meter Jog, 20 Min. Cool Down

Thu: 3 to 5 Miles Easy Run

Fri: 30 Min. Easy Run 10x 30 Meter Acceleration Runs

Sat: 60 to 90 Min. Long Run

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