Blue Team
Competition Team
Our Blue Team is our state and regional competitive team of athletes!  To enter in this select group you have to place within the top 5 at a State or Regional competition or be willing to compete.  Our Blue Team members are our future Gold Team athletes and are known for their hard work and determination!

Lauren Wimberly

Age: 16 
Lauren is a pillar on the Franklin Elite Team. Fast and organized, Lauren is an old pro  when it comes to pre-race and post-race routines. A great support to her teammates  Lauren is always ready to help others! 

Personal Bests:  
800M - 2:33 
1600M - 5:21 
3200M - 11:34

Claire Collins

Age: 14 
Bubbly, and always pushing others to keep going when the going gets tough! Claire Collins is easily one of the most friendly and hardworking members of the team.  One of her greatest strengths is the ability to stay positive and encouraging during some  of the hardest workouts. She’s not afraid of doing hard work either on the track or in the hay hut. Along with being a runner Claire is an accomplished equestrian and helps take  care of her horse “James Bond.” 

Personal Bests:  
1500M - 5:29 
1 Mile (Indoor) - 6:01 
3000M (XC) - 12:01 
3200M (XC) - 13:27


Michael Alder

Age: 10  
Micheal is hardworking and determined. Always learning from his mistakes and  success’s. He is very motivated to achieve his goals and keep pushing himself to be  better. He recently distinguished himself by winning his 1500 heat in dramatic fashion  at the last track and field nationals. Lover of legos and video games he is also a prolific reader.

Personal Bests:  
1 Mile - 5:53 
1500M - 5:59

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