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Janeth Alder

For those of you who are planning on running the Ilinizas Trail Run here are some workouts to get you started!

6KM Plan:

For the athletes planning on running the 6KM you should be comfortable running at 30 minutes of continuous running at an easy pace. So your workouts for the next two weeks should include running at least three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for example) for 30 minutes each run. On one of the days you could make sure that you run on a hilly course to start to get a feel for running hills.

Example Plan (2 Weeks of):

Monday - 30 Minutes of Running

Wednesday - 30 Minutes of Runnning

Friday - 30 Minutes of Running on a Hilly Course

15KM Plan:

For the more experienced athlete running the 15KM race, you should be averaging at least 60 minutes for each run (unless you run twice a day and then you could add the two runs to equal 60 minutes of running). Also, for the more experienced athletes you should be running at least five times a week.
A common plan is to augment the five days of running with a good strength program that you can do on the two days you may opt out of running. Additionally, on one of the days you should be doing a long run (more than 60 minutes), another run should include some speed repeats or hill repeats and the remainder of the time you can do easy running.

Example Plan (2 Weeks of):

Monday - 60 Minutes of Running

Tuesday - 40 Minutes of Running + 20 Minutes of Hill Repeats

Thursday - 60 Minutes of Runnning

Friday - 60 Minutes of Running

Saturday - 80 Minutes of Running

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