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Speed Week (26 - 31 October 2020)
Dan Alder

Youth Cross Country Training:

This Week's Workouts:  26 – 31 OCT (Speed Week)

Mon:  10 Min. W/U, 2 Sets of 4x 400 W/60 Seconds Recovery In-Between Reps and 3 Min. Recovery In-Between Sets, Then 1 Set of  2x 200s @ 1500 Meter Race Pace W/Equal Distance Rest, 10 Min. Cool Down

Tue:  3 to 5 Mile Easy Run

Wed:  10 Min. W/U, 8x 100 Meter Repeats W/100 Meter Recovery, 10 Min. Cool Down

Thu:  3 to 5 Mile Easy Run

Fri:  AM Strength Training
      PM 30 Min. Easy Run W/10x 100 Meter Strides

Sat:  6 to 8 Mile Long Run (Halloween Run!). Please wear your best costume (appropriate for running) and you are all invited to bring snacks/treats to share!

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